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What residential lease terms are the most important for a tenant to?

What residential lease terms are the most important for a tenant to consider (or require) in a rental agreement? There are plenty I wont cover since the question asks about the most important terms for a tenant to consider or require. Here goes: Identification of the property (address, unit number, etc.) Begin and end dates of the lease. Total amount of lease, and monthly amount due. Date on which payment is due, and penalty provisions for late payment. Amount of the security deposit. Who is responsible for paying utilities such as water, electricity, and gas? Who is responsible for minor maintenance (replacement of batteries in smoke detector, replacement of furnace filters, etc.)? Whether there is a deductible or upfront payment owed by the tenant on any service or maintenance calls? Parking: Is it provided? Is it assigned parking? Is there a cost? Interior: Is the tenant allowed to paint walls? Hang pictures or attach items to walls? If so, under what conditions? Pets: Are they allowed? If so, what restrictions are there? How many are permitted? If allowed, What occurs after the expiration of the lease? (Does it go month-to-month? Does it automatically renew for a year? If so, is there a rent increase accompanying the transition?)

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