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Where can I find California lease agreement for residential lease?

There are a number of places you can find them online, and no doubt you will get several answers with pointers. I would strongly encourage you not to use them. Instead, you should: Contact a local leasing or real estate agent; they may share theirs for free Join a local landlords or apartment owners association; this is usually about a hundred dollars a year, and they will have forms you can use, or can help you come up with your own Spend a couple hundred dollars with a local landlord/tenant attorney and go through your requirements with them Different things are important to different landlords, and its unlikely that your lease will be exactly like everyone elses. For example, I personally will never rent to a smoker in the future, given a bad experience in the past, and my leases have multiple provisions to cover not only the apartments, but the grounds as well. You may decide that you will allow cats, but not dogs. Or dogs, but not cats. Or only dogs and cats that have been fixed. Or only animals less than 50 pounds. Or animals less than 30 pounds. You may decide that theres three days grace on a late rent. Or you may be required by local ordinance to allow 5 business days grace. Or 5 business days, not including holidays. The point is, every jurisdiction, even if the units are a block apart, can be different, and have different requirements. All this needs to be reflected in your lease. Start with the local landlords association, or the local apartment owners association; even if you dont join, they may have enough interest in keeping lease terms uniform within a given area sesing it as a benefit to their membership that they are willing to simply give you copies of the relevant documents.

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